Red Riding Hood riding the
wood, under bloody eyes…

Spiny canopy hides
my riddle….

Misty fingers travel amongst
ghostly cloaks as they hover
on my trembling lip….

Low growling in your throat,
for I belong to you…

You smell my perfume
between my legs, tracing
the air in dainty fingertips,
conjuring fate….

On a breeze I come
to you, on burgundy wisps,
frolicking on my lips as
a snarl erupts, your tongue

Reach words from my mouth,
before they settle, floating,
near death….

Into my neck, where Snow
White dwells, teeth against to
smudge sunsets that will live

Devoured, as I stain your
smile in delicious decadence.

You run savage through my
veins, through bestial astral….

I am yours, the lover
of Luna, silvery touches on
shadowy apparitions…..