Eyes meet, tangle, dare
just to dangle…

Dangle on the edge of
your sanity, falling only
to complete you…

Lips part as darkness greets
us..let me be your
forbidden, your first bite of

Bodies close and I count
the beats of your pulse,
in my mouth my tongue
vibrates erratic destruction…
Flicking your tune, optics
grow ebony as you walk
me to the wall.

Pinned, knee between my thighs,
arms to my side, you
dip low, chest to neck,
my scent awakening your insides
as you quake to tumble
beneath me…

Skin to skin just to
sink deep in the others

Inside, I am your guide
to all that is me
as you split me into
disturbed rhythms, where straight jacket
teeth bloody my moans.

From behind you steer me
toward suicide, mind numbing
release to the other side.

Your mouth slices as you
kiss my back, ending the
silence as blush flows, screaming
in orchestral madness….