Nipples taunt, caressed by the
chill of your stare…
Wet rains and I quiver,
dripping, folds opening, blooming in

Exposed, empty as you fill
yourself inside…
Warmth spreads as you part
the seas, and I run
out to meet you…

My skin strips, peels away
in eruption, flowing up, exploding
in your mouth..

Ghostly throes take me, pounding
my demise…
Exploited on your unholy

It builds inside, closer, creeping
up, toes crinkle,veins bulged
intoxicated, thirsty for more as
you enter and exist Déjà Vu…

Mouth on my tongue and
I split, created on the
tip of lunacy as I
unfold on glacial crosses, splintered
maroons to feed devils….