I imagine my hands on your
face, and you close
your eyes, never thought you
would feel me again….

To have you so near,
finally to see you as
man, to see you as
beast, to see how much
you love…..

You open to me, and
I see your pain, washes
me bloody, and yet I
want to know…you….

Let’s dance, you and I…
how I’ve imagined, close, parallel,
heart and soul, under the
moons blessing….

No veil between us, apart
of the others world….I
want to take away your
misery, so look into my
reflection, see how I see

I envision you filling my
space, and feel your warmth
around, enveloping me with
magic, taking my breath away
and enjoying the wonder that
settles on my face…..

You take me there, amongst
your soft solace, that of
which wonders alone, and only
share among your shadows….

I walk into your loneliness
holding your hand, how it
should have been from the

Now, we shall end where
we left off, as the
night howls in the
distance, and so we follow,
you and I…..