Blinded by night, I feel
you close, eyes driving nails
in my frame, exquisite, skin
twitches, runs in distorted

Under your spell I lay,
pale, lips a slight azure,
a pout as my tongue
reaches out to console.

My alpha, prey in your
world, collared on your bear

Play with my blood, fingers
swirl, paint me a still
life of skeletal delight, all
for your perversion.

My breath rushes to greet
as you pull my locks,
unleashing me, red meets white,
creating pink blossoms
all around me, a garden
of Eden…

My chastity unzips and there
you explore, swimming in syrupy
storms, blowing the sails that

Tongue strokes, and there you
find my love cherry, stem
erect, smiling in a V…

My mouth gasps, you dwell
in the wishing well, my
flesh tumbles before you, weeping
as I wash your sins.

I am wrapped in shaped
corsetry, undone, stitched in make
believe, on the crop of
your destruction.

Sockets sit in silence as
I await the dragon, the
ripple of lashes slashing my

Inside you become the master
of my domain, pushing the
crying folds to inhale your
hooded reaper, taking me to
death time and time

I lace around you, just
to fit your mortal milking,
and so we anoint on
the other, shiny, so much
so the stars have to
shy away…

You are my forever, I
have no shame on the
demise you cause me, and
will gladly spasm on tortured
artistry in the madness
of your mind, spread in