Eyes open, eyes shut, always
there, wondering….

Amongst my sleep, following my
dreams, the ocean blues….

Awake, haunted, dark circles roam,
around and around, where it
stops, nobody knows….

Inside my head, you make
me dizzy as you pause,
catch your breath against my

Life after life you follow,
knowing the way to my
soul with such ease….

Your hand reaches out, stirs
my hair, but so far

Inside you dwell, my missing
piece….You probably finish my
sentences before they leave my
mouth, catching teardrops, starless

You feel my body rapture,
come undone…You laugh as
the sun captures my light,
snugs you in a gentle

As night rises, you walk
among my shadow, letting me
seduce you for a short
time, allowing me just a
glimpse of you as you
search me to color you…..

Another day passes, admiring me
from afar, where I will
take you next on bare
feet I will wait for
you, and only you…..