Shadows drape upon me, the moon
glistens to jewel me….

You stalk on aroused breath, air pushing
to make love to you.

No one can save me now, but I don’t want to
be saved…the cross died long ago.

Sap runs down my leg, head bent, on knees,
the heavens ashamed as your tongue reaches
out to catch…

My lips unemotional, as flutters rouse me, candy

Just because I pray under steeple hands doesn’t mean,
my eyes are cast upward.
Follow the yellow brick road….

Smear me with your communion, feed me the holy.
Dip, just a sip, for my palm is steady.

Now I lay me down to sleep.
Place your finger on my bloom, closer,
and so you are now mine….
I feel you stiffen, the sacrifice has begun….