I want to smell your skin next to me, close,
strangling, always wanting a reaction.

I want to pour wax upon your waiting
flesh, making figurines of who to voodoo.

You come up behind me, just stand there
breathing, stirring the air around me, nipples
erect, waiting.

Touch me….
Bond me with my veins, up against you
as you grow, feeding from my flesh.

Slow, we dance into deep midnight,
conjure illusions, make love to their eyes….

I want to get high off your mushroom, flicking
my tongue along the head, watching it sprout.

I rub you between my fingers…how soft you lay,
a petal, he loves me, he loves me not.

Lips touch the back of my neck, tears flow
down my legs, and I close them as you tangle
in my hair, your fist wrapping, daring me to
You are now the intruder..

What are you going to do now, make me breathe,
make me afraid, make me rain….

You rub my inner wrist, tracing the blue trails,
paths that lead me to you….

Pull me roughly, unwrap me, for I’m not
always under pretty paper….

Make my thighs speak….
slumber as you eat…..

Traces of light flows off you, casting spells, and so
I summon thee.
Tonight is the night you lay me to rest…