Make my scream…spell my name with your tongue,
splash it on in greetings…Oh, the things we could do together
fatal, primitive, taboos etched
on each others flesh…

Don’t make me beg…
On my hands and knees I go,
our eyes meet, don’t hide from me.
Scare me, chill my flesh.

Rain fights with the Earth, forcing
it to succumb, and there you wait, watch.
Lights go out, candles a glow, and so my
shadow blends, and so the seduction begins.

Face against the wall, your mouth on
my back drawing rubies….

Possess me endlessly, mindlessly….
Fasten me to your forbidden, I won’t tell…
finger to lips…

Push me over the edge, show me the rush of night.
Evil stares at me, and I only smile in return.

You are my guest on this night.
Fuck my inhibitions, I want to be someone

Take me with no face, dance up against, pinned,
legs sway….

Show me the side that plays in the darkness, for I want to
be your piano, your haunting melody.

Hum me a song, I want to watch your lips
caress the other, for I am the voyeur…let’s
put on a show.

Mouth my breasts, make me flower, and so the
scent of me liquids…..
Enter at your own risk……..