As night swallows me, taking me under,
I become another life, another entity,
and my thirst grows.

I lay upon your pedaled layers, layers I have
exposed one by one, turning them over
in my fingertips, pricking as you enter me….

I want you inside me, thrusting yourself,
imprinting your path.

Ravish me to pieces just to put me
back together again, knowing every
shard of mirror, crimson tastes,
your tears mingle, marking your soul upon

How would your lips feel against mine, softly
tracing my breath, hearing it respond as it flows
against your tongue.

Do you lay at night as I pour from you,
as I slide down your silhouette, my teeth painting
your picture, brushing you in shadows, always
where I can find you.
I feel your presence within, gentle tugs
inside me.

Eternity isn’t long enough, and death is our playground.
I sleep at night as you sit quietly watching me, as you take
my breathing into your own, ghosts that will always haunt the