Sitting pretty with a blue bow,
I picked you above all

Your kind eyes and smile that
I hugged to me.
You were with me all the
time, even took you
to school for show and

I had left you alone there,
and cried until I had you back

You grew with me, through
my happiness that I embraced,
tears which draped upon your
worn fur, anger which was thrown,
knowing you would never feel my

As night fell and I grew
scared, I held you closely
as you seemed to protect me.
Safely, you held me too.

You know me like no other,
and in your eyes I am still
that child.

It may seem silly, but I
love you.
You were always there,
and even now
you still sit proudly
watching me.
This is poem is about a stuffed animal I’ve had
since I was three…