Between life and death, amongst a sunrise
that freely gives, to a sunset that freely takes,
dripping in whispers, bleeding the Heavens.

So alive, I feel both, taunting me for a taste,
and so I drink…..

When heartbeats slow in tender slumber,
I walk on velvet breathing….

Night so quiet, pretending not to notice.
Trees draping in silhouette, tracing the lips of our Mother,
giving life to wondering souls.

I close my eyes to the soft chants that remain in secrets,
yet plea to be heard.

Wondering alone, I imagine how everything must look
within the prism of color, blushing the flesh for tempting.

A lamp post by all prayers hands, reaches out, not quite
touching my invitation.

A road promises laughter, tears, forbidden pleasures,
and if I place my hands upon its many lives, I can feel
the pulse that longs for my touch.

I feed….
Tears brush my hands, scraping them against the pavement
in crimson offering, a small sacrifice to see in color…

Night walks alone slowly as she sleeps, wakes,
knowing I am always there…..