I was over there today for a visit.
You had been sick and I
wanted to make sure you
were OK.

So much energy floods me
from the past.
I practically lived there my
whole life, and oh, the memories
grandma’s house conjures.

It’s like taking a walk
backwards in time.
It was a warm day
and you had the windows
open, breezes playing inside.

I look around at pictures
on the wall, of the dead,
of the living, apart of
the family.

We sit on the porch
swing and talk, I look
around, everything so lush,
green, blooms floating like bubbles
in the air, and the smell of
spring upon us again.

I looked at the place where
the pool use to be, a place
I went skinny dipping for the
first time, sun tanning to
Def Leppard, and having no
worries were no such rush.
Oh, the friends that helped
me enjoy those times.

“I miss you coming around,”
my grandma says, and in
my heart I knew that was true.

I had missed her too.
She was always there for
me growing up, never turning
her back on me when
I made mistakes, needed

Eyes wouldn’t close until she
knew I was home safely, and
I didn’t understand then, but now
that I have my own, everything
makes sense now…

I told her on this day how
the house made me feel,
and she understood.

Tears bloomed, but never released…
One day I know my grandma
will not be there, but I have
the memories.

The house will stand, residual
energy of us all….

I say goodbye, “I will
come back to see you next
We hug, who knows, could
be the last, but she will
always be like a mother, and
I cherish her and what she
has given me.

Now, I can say I
love her….