Sitting in my car waiting…
the rain comes down, and
I feel him…

Thumb in my mouth, and
I lightly bite my nail.

Mouth in a pout, wish
he could see.
I put something sexy on
the radio, gaze drifts to
the crystal petals falling down,
and I inhale, smelling earth.

I know he is out
there, the one that can
see me in glass.

Maybe, we would play in
splashes, sing some childish

He would catch my hair
around his fingers before a
breeze even dared.

Trace the track of a
tear before it could
walk alone.

Breathe for me just to
hear me patter like a
child, innocence.

Does he see what I
see…the green smiles of
summer, the waves of delicate

Aroused, lips pursed for a
taste, risen with each drop,
my name finding each hymn.

Lyrics move in like a
caress, I moan, hear me,
become my chorus.

Part the veil just a
little more.
I always slip in….

I crayon the sky, nudging
the clouds to open, taking
their virginity.

I swallow…does he feel
Where is he on this
gray day?

Do I color, draw him?
Alone, and he stares, wondering
in the same dreams.

Scribe down your love for me,
my soul for the next life.

No goodbyes on this journey.
He paints my picture, the sadness
in my eyes, blues never the depths.