Shape me to fit your mouth.
Lift me up to your lips. await me….

I want you to tremble, yes, tremble.
Touch me with the tip of your tongue.

Open up my flower and smell me.
Drift inside, explore my petals, take
a peek, step back with the innocence
of a child.

Crescendo my flesh, taste my notes,
draw music from my lips…
Tongue draws out, and I glisten there..

Thirst for me….
I want to be the drug that dissolves
in your mouth, down your throat
I form….the perfect creature.

I touch your insides, and feel the beat of
your heart on my cheek, and I cry, my tears
turning to blood, keeping you alive.

Through your pours I sate,
running my fingers like water, searching,
reflection not quite taken, fallen on
liquid eternity…

I am inside of you, draped
in night, escaping in silver,
dancing on the edge of fingertips,
weeping to touch, just to dangle
on your sigh….

I am your creation…
I am the wetness that forms on
your lips, drink me….