Oh, the night as our audience, spells
slip on the tongue.

Witches eyes gleam, merrymake, come join
us, rewind, provoke your body to the new.

Earth, air, fire, water, naked,
stand to receive the anointed.

Under your feet we adore.
Flames rise, greeting goddesses,
and so we bow.

Pentacles adorn, draped in blood,
whispering of old.

Priestess high on star, blessing north,
east, south, west.

Father Wicca watches from the

Lines lay on palm, predicting…
trace the paths, remember…

Leatherbound, I am red and green.
Conjure history, make me weep.

Sing of the tree, dance around as a child.
Play the Sabbath of fortune, oh, holy days.

Be careful with magick, for three will
find you.

Place the Atham against the throat of
air, make it beg for its life.

I take the wand, elbow to wrist and
call upon man.
The chalice I sip, so bless it be.