Inside me, drawing, painting,
red, against my pulse, bathing,
inducing…Lingering imprints of passion, lust,
all consumed.
You drain every drop, seeping, penetrating,
mouth on mouth, moans entering you, air released,

Lips part as I taste you, the stories that flow,
the ending…eternity.

I graze inside your mind, wondering in fields
of moonlight, draped in seduction, a gasp of
a breeze.

We are the audience, under their sky, covered
in blueberries, juices escaping down our mouths, each
taking a sweet lick.

Inside you roam my garden, eating the scarlet, coloring
your tongue.

I meet natures eyes, a silent voyeur, and rush to meet
it’s thrust, toes curl in the grass, dew lapping green.

Your skin, glistened on mirrors, watered invitation.
The night hums, sleepy breaths cascade, blend, become….