With my Charlie alone and
lost, blue bow his smile,
always there when I am
sad, scared..I hold him
close, my tears apart of
his skin.

Mad, I throw him against
a wall, apart of the
torn, stain of poor.

A mother, walking the fine
line between the living and
the dead, fraying wildly between
delusion and illusion, preying
on chaotic dreams…

Father, dead, walking on green
miles, parting the earth, lying
to children, drifting in and
out of consciousness.

Sister, always a shadow,
the light never quite reaches
your fake smile, your sex
raked by other Fathers.

Aunt, feet tremble, trample you,
but you can’t ever get
enough, pain is your pleasure,
their eyes your orgasm..

We are the apocalypse, the
fires of Hell escaping our

Heaven waits on the edge,
dangling our sins, praying
to be YOURS, but I
never was, I was the
demon that reminded you of

Night bellows, your eyes follow
a angel, kneeling, wings giving
up, and so life washes
red, we swallow, our last,
the Cross has risen…