Eyes dance dark on pupils
that want to consume..

Your shadow devours me,
inch by slow inch onyx
jewels me.

Your fingers trap my hair, and
insatiably, I become your captive…

Body pressed, and you take my
mouth into yours, absorbing me…

We splash into each other like
a storm, crashing to only restore

You breathe into me, and so we become
the downpour….

My teeth bite lips that sink into flesh,
we growl at each others demise.

I feel your temple against my velvet
breath as it teases your musical note.

You play celestially on my nudes,
creating water colors as I rain open,
unashamed as to what you do to me…

On bended knee you worship, rainbows
flooding you as legs wrap, as I stain

You surge, ascending, entering my
teary veil, snaring us both.

In a frenzy you split me, screaming I
take all of you, bruised, hued on your

Released on eternal rest we fall
on prism falls….