Foreboding wisps arch seductively
against breath, rushing to take
shape in ominous tales…

Cloaked and toppled, shadows
even cower as foot fall echos
on cobblestone, stained teeth
forced to watch the immoral…

Sinister tears cascade, strained
to taste malevolent, only to die
upon their first crush…

Bodies protrude, bony, dismal,
reaching for the bliss that never

Phantasm spooks around ankles,
creating figure eight, dancing to inhabit
nightfall, fleetingly frightening with
a smile.

Crystals hang, your reflection
never revealing….

Cold veins searching for warmth
in immaculate corpses that stalk
to disorganize organs in such a
untimely fashion.

The dead lay as night wakes,
an invocation read, closed
and forgotten…
Lips blow, and so they follow….