“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.”
Nicholas Sparks, A Walk to Remember
Children’s eyes on the others
soul, who was to know
what was to be foretold…

Love formed on the tips
of bible verses, Southern tongues,
rebellion, pushed into praying hands…

God had a twisted sense
of humor playing match maker.

Who was to say it
was Gonna be Love.
We play at pretend, the
only price, not to fall
in love with me.
I cannot be your secret.

A kiss that bonded, the
Heavens smiled
as destiny was sealed.

Death reared it’s ugly head,
yet Fate won, and you
were my only hope.

I’m in two places at
once, and a butterfly on
my shoulder with your breath
that placed it there.

The stars and planets have
aligned, and so I am
learning to breathe…

A dark secret steals the
show, but maybe, God had
another plan.

A chapel perched under mothers
eyes, united under the white
of a veil for love
is always patient and kind.

A angels lips were sealed
forever, yet lays like the
wind, you can’t see
it, but you can feel

A miracle was granted in
deaths final embrace…

*This poem was inspired by the famous
movie A Walk to Remember, which is one of
my favorite movies. I used quotes and names
of songs, and of course, movie facts to write
this piece. This movie truly moves me every time
I watch it*